Make your own Disciple’s Crosses

Disciple's CrossesWhat is so awesome about making and selling these nail bent wire wound crosses? Everything about this process is awesome. They are not only fun to make, but you have a great joy knowing that you personally handmade each and every one you sell and you know you are selling something with meaning. The meaning of the cross is given with each Disciple’s Cross sold by the representation of what the cross is made of, which is explained on a card that comes with the cross as well as the verse from the bible where Jesus tells us to take up our cross and fallow him.

As noted on the idea for the cross started in the early 90’s at a summer youth camp meeting. After Pastor John Raymond (Owner of Disciple’s Cross) wore one of these unique handmade crosses as a guest on the CBS television show Survivor, the demand for Disciple’s Crosses increased and more of the crosses had to be made. The demand for the crosses was so huge that the Pastor needed help to meet the orders so he began teaching others to make the crosses and gave them the opportunity to sell them and make a profit as well.

                       Why sell Disciple’s Crosses?

Making and selling these hand crafted crosses can be very financially profitable. Weather you need a good fund raiser for a specific function, you want to supplement some extra income, or if you end up making this a full time work at home opportunity you can’t lose making crosses. There are many different ideas an individual can utilize to sell these brilliant crosses and many reasons as well. So be creative and make a difference, make crosses.

                                      About the Kit

The Disciple’s Cross Kit has all the materials you need to make the crosses and your first kit comes with an instructional DVD with step by step instructions on how to hand craft your crosses. Along with the materials to make your crosses, the kit also includes the leather neck cord for each cross to make the necklace the cross will hang on. The kit also includes various colors of wire to wind or wrap your crosses to have an assortment of different crosses. So CLICK HERE to order now and make and sell these awesome Disciple’s Crosses!!

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