Disciples Cross

CrossesEverybody loves the Disciple’s Cross and everyone who learns to make this very distinguished work of art is taking part in something that is a blessing. It is an awesome blessing not just because of the representation in how this particular cross is crafted, but also in the simple fact that someone has taken their time and effort into making this cherished piece made from only four nails and a few pieces of colored wire. The elements it is made of are simple pieces of metal but are seen as so much more.

Christians all over have learned to make these crosses and have taken pride in the work they have accomplished, and they should. Taking into consideration the many people who have been blessed and many others who continue to bless others with a Disciple’s Cross, this is an art in its self, and is going to be carried on through until our savior comes back.

                                             The Process

Making a Disciple’s Cross is not completely a difficult process if you have the right tools and some extra time. The method normally used to intricately manipulate four nails and three pieces of colored wire can be mastered after crafting just a few crosses. Whereas nothing is perfect, except our lord and savior Jesus, do not expect to make perfect crosses, however you can strive towards the mark and come pretty close. Some of the tools required are certain needle nose pliers and different sized locking pliers. You will also need blocks of wood on which you use to bend the nails.

Learning how to wind  the wire on the nails after they are bent is a procedure that may take some getting used to, but is like everything else, the more you practice the better you become. There are quite a few assorted wire colors to choose when making your crosses and you can mix and match them together to make special requests and to just have fun.

                                                       Make Crosses Now

Do you want to learn to make Disciples Crosses, or do you know someone who would? They are awesome for fundraisers, can bring extra income or could become a full time business for you or someone you know. Making these crosses is not just fun and a blessing to you and others; it can be a lucrative fundraiser or business.

My wife and I have ordered only two kits that have made 25 crosses each and we have sold all but two of the crosses we have made in just a few weeks and we have orders for more. People love these crosses and we love to make them as much as we love to see them go.

So if you want to take part in making the Disciple’s Crosses, spread the message of the cross, and make something that is a great gift for others CLICK HERE!!

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Thank you, and God Bless,

Caleb Riddle

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